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Caboose Farm

Warmth and Comfort at Caboose Farm

Samantha & Doug

Saturday kicked off a marathon of weddings for us. For the next 6 weeks, we have a wedding a week. Following that, we head to Ireland! At first Ireland was going to be a treat for our work, but if all the weddings are like Sam and Doug's, the weddings will be the gift! The second we saw that train caboose on the lawn of the aptly named Caboose Farm, we were hooked. We knew in the first second why Sam and Doug chose this venue. It's a such a beautiful spot that really works hard for their couples.  The best part about Sam and Doug is that they are incredibly laid back. We usually see brides wanting to go into hiding 30 minutes before the ceremony. Well, not Sam. She actually laughed at the timeline when she saw "goes into hiding". Instead of staying out of the eye of their guests, Sam was waving to them as they passed by. They both brought such a calm and fun atmosphere to the wedding. I mean, even traveling from the reception space / getting ready house / parking lot to the ceremony spot was cool because it was hay ride! Yes, these two had a hay ride over to their ceremony. Good luck to anyone trying to top that, haha!  There is no way that the day could have gone any better. The joy of seeing these two families come together is always my favorite aspect of any...