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Jessica & Adam

A Breathtaking Waterfront Wedding

"I knew she was the one the first time I heard her say 'I love you'.  Hearing those words come from her in a way I had never heard them said before struck me in such a profound way.  I had never heard such genuine love spoken before Jessica nor had I seen it.  The way she looked at me I knew right away I had finally found the love of my life." I'm a total crier when it comes to weddings, and during every part of Jessica and Adam's day I found myself tearing up. It didn't matter if it was the bridesmaids watching Jessica get final touches on her makeup or the last dance where Adam and Jessica were enveloped in each other's arms, it all created such a beautiful feeling. My favorite part of the day was getting to watch Adam's face light up as he saw Jessica come through the doors and down the aisle. His nerves had been on overdrive the whole day. I seriously thought for a second that he may pass out in anticipation for the ceremony to begin. It wasn't until Adam saw Jessica come around the corner that relief washed over him and a smile spread across his face. As Jessica walked toward Adam she paused halfway down the aisle so that Adam could meet her and they could take the final steps to the arbor together. Honestly, at that point in the ceremony (which...

Katelynn & John

A Breath Taking Engagement at Brookside Gardens

I have almost no words to describe the incredible engagement session we had with Katelynn and John at Brookside Gardens over the weekend. It was seriously that amazing. I should first say that I have been wanting (probably more like needing) to photograph at Brookside for about three years. Shawn and I have stopped in there very quickly once before, but have never had the pleasure of exploring the grounds. When Katelynn mentioned that her and John wanted their photos to be there, I immediately started jumping up and down with excitement. We arrived at the gardens on Saturday morning, bright and early. The day had a cloudy start, but that just meant that the flow of tourists Brookside normally attracts would be staying warm at home :P. While it didn't feel much like Spring, the gardens were still in full bloom. There were yellows, pinks and purples everywhere, as well as beautiful tulips blossoming on every side of the path. All of the beautiful colors took us by surprise, since we expected lots of prettiness, but this was just a totally different level of jaw dropping gorgeous. Not only were the gardens perfect, but Katelynn and John were fantastically adorable. They were such naturals in front of the camera, and I loved watching how they fit so wonderfully in each other's arms. Being able to hang out with them for the morning made Shawn and I even more excited for their Jamaican destination wedding next May. We just...

Jessica & Frank

A Gorgeous Waterfront Wedding at The Anchor Inn

I am just in love with Jess and Frank's wedding day at The Anchor Inn in Pasadena, Maryland on Saturday. This adorable couple had a sweet and emotional ceremony where their pup, Mufasa, acted as ring bearer. I don't know about anyone else, but it makes me immediately giddy when I see a tie on a dog. Jess and Frank went the bold and vibrant route when choosing their wedding decor with colors like pink, yellow and orange. It completely fit the bright and airy reception space in an amazing way. The mason jar centerpieces (which I'm not sure if they were DIY) were so cool looking, and really made each table feel warm and inviting. Throughout the evening, Shawn and I must have told each other how fantastic Jess and Frank's wedding colors were about 10 times. When it came time for the reception, Shawn and I were assured by Frank's mom that the dance floor would be full and wild. She was not exaggerating. The floor felt packed the entire evening, and it seemed like all of their guests put in 100% dancing effort for every song. During the evening, we pulled Frank and Jess outside for some night portraits. When the Cha-Cha slide came on, the entire venue was shaking because of everyone stomping. We seriously thought the floor might crack in half in the most awesome way, haha! Congrats to Jess and Frank, and thank you both for the beautiful and incredibly fun wedding!  ...

Samantha & Doug

Patapsco Valley Fall Engagement

I'm not sure if it was the bright leaves or the crisp fall air, but Samantha and Doug's engagement session at Patapsco Valley was fantastic! These two are such an adorable pair. Samantha and Doug were constantly laughing and having fun with each other. It was so cute to see them interactj every time I would tell them to look at one another their faces would light up with huge smiles. Shawn and I could easily see that they just enjoy being around one another. One of the many great things about this session was that it was at my favorite park. I know I've talked a lot about Patapsco in the past, so I won't waste too much time, but the amount of stuff that this location has is unmatched by anywhere else. For Samantha and Doug's engagement we got to check out a new spot, the Cascade Falls, and it was insanely beautiful! We definitely had a lot of adventures on this session, especially around the falls. Given that it was a new spot, I wanted to cover every nook and cranny around this area, so we attempted to safely climb a little bit up the side of the waterfall. I say attempt because Samantha and Doug had no problem getting into their spots, but I stumbled and almost rolled off the edge - typical Britney, haha! It's a much funnier story since I didn't fall and break anything :P. I cannot wait to photograph these two sweethearts...

Kristy & Jonathan

An Awesome Wedding at Quiet Waters Park

At the beginning of September, Shawn and I shot Kristy and Jonathan's self described "backyard BBQ meets contemporary" wedding and family hangout. Their ceremony took place at the Severna Park Evangelical Presbyterian Church, with their reception happening at the Sassafras Pavilion in Quiet Waters Park. Since their engagement session had taken place in August, I didn't have to wait too long to be in the incredible presence of these two again. Kristy and Jonathan's entire day was accented with the greatest details from some of their favorite things (I love that they ship Luigi and Peach), but bigger than the details: their day was filled with a massive amount of love from their family and friends. I teared up more than a few times at the amount of support and happiness that these two have surrounding them. From Kristy, to other couples preparing to marry their best friend: "Pray more than you worry. Also, plan for the marriage more than you plan for the wedding day. It doesn't matter what the centerpieces look like or how many people didn't RSVP but still showed up.... you're still just as married as anyone else is once you say 'I do!'" I could - and probably will - carry that quote with me for all time :). Congratulations, Kristy and Jonathan! May your life be as wonderful and strong as the love that you have for one another. It was truly a pleasure being a part of your day...

Mary & Justin

A Beautiful Wedding at Saint Jane Francis

Maryland is where it is at for Mary and Justin, who you might recognize from their engagement session in the fall. I had been looking forward to their wedding because of Mary's description of the MD theme. Everything from their cake colors to the design on Mary's nails reflected their love for Maryland. I loved seeing the tiny details and big picture come together for their wedding day. I never realized how much of a designer's dream the Maryland flag is - it can be transformed into so many different things that no one would ever think of! When I first arrived at Mary's house, I was surprised to see how calm she was! Nothing stressed her out, and even their cake topper disappearing only made Mary shrug and go "Oh well." I think her very zen-like appearance was due to her knowing she was marrying the man of her dreams and that a missing cake topper wasn't going to change that. In fifty years she isn't even going to remember the things that were missing, so she felt no need to stress. I was definitely envious of her calm nature! Another thing I was envious of? Mary and Justin's reception: it was totally awesome! After a beautiful ceremony and some hilarious portraits of the bridal party, it was off to a reception that is now on my "Top Five Favorite Receptions" list. Mary and Justin made their grand entrance by breaking through a banner with their...