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Country Club Of Maryland

Pastel Loveliness at this Country Club of Maryland Wedding

Caitlin & Sean

Caitlin and Sean's wedding at the Country Club of Maryland was a total joy! This was another wedding where the rain couldn't keep a magical day down. Everything from the Oathing Stone ceremony to the Gangnam Style choreography was perfect.  No lie, there are many parts of a day that I tear up at: father daughter dances, toasts, and the bride getting into her dress. The moments that typically have a fair bit of improv to them, always hit me in the feels. The ceremony is generally the one time where my eyes don't get fuzzy with tears. Maybe it's because they mostly follow the same pattern, I'm not really sure. What I am sure of, though, is that Caitlin and Sean's ceremony left me in tears.  Instead of going the traditional route for their ceremony, they instead put a lot of personality into it. Their officiant, Rachael, was an absolute joy, keeping Caitlin and Sean laughing and the guests aware of why they were chosen as witnesses for the day. The ceremony was completely intentional and my favorite part DEFINITELY has to be the Oathing Stone. It was a beautiful moment that extended to their guests in the form of rose quartz stones that each guest received before the start of the ceremony. Those stones played a large part in capturing the well wishes of the guests for Caitlin and Sean. I loved the uniqueness and guest involvement in this kind of unity ritual!  Both Caitlin...