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Productivity During the Holiday Months

Tips & Tricks

During the wedding season, it's easy to keep productivity high because I follow a format for my days. I cull, edit, post a blog, set up Instagram posts, etc.. But during the off season, all of this changes. There are no longer weekends filled with beautiful receptions or romantic engagements. The off season falls around November and December for us, which means that the weekends are now booked with shopping and family. It's a time that I absolutely love, but to be honest, the holidays completely take every ounce of my energy. What should be a time to regroup and plan for the new year becomes laying on the couch with a plate of mashed potatoes. I struggle big time with being productive during this time of the year. All I want to do is drink hot cocoa and watch Christmas movies, but that's not realistic. Though my mission during the off season definitely goes through some shifts, I make sure that I pay close attention to what I'm doing throughout the day. From list making to "treat yo-self" rewards, I make sure I touch on all of tips below in order to jump start my productivity. This allows me to continue to accomplish all that I want to do, while still enjoying this time of the year. Setting goals for yourself Goals are the biggest thing that keep me in a steady workflow. When we have weddings, the goals are to cull a certain number of images before...