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Linganore Winecellars

Jessica & Thomas

A Beautiful Wedding at Linganore Winecellars

A few weeks ago I traveled up to Mount Airy for Jessica and Thomas's wedding! I was super excited and had been looking forward to it since the day I met with them way back in May (before I even knew if I passed their interview process :P). The day started at a salon on the main street of the town, where the girls were getting even more beautified than they were naturally. Jessica was mostly calm, except for occasionally showing her excitement with a huge smile and a laugh with her girls. I don't know how she got through the day without being stressed out at all! It certainly helped that the day ran incredibly smoothly, since both Jessica and Thomas had everything timed and organized perfectly. Before the ceremony, Jessica and Thomas did a first look that was accompanied by the wedding party and most of their family. It was and incredible build-up, with people were cheering and laughing and shouting when Jess was near, Thomas was turning around, when the big reveal finally happened. Just typing it makes me giddy all over again! During the ceremony, the sun created a gorgeous pink and orange sky, and there was plenty of laughter, as well as emotional readings from both the bride and groom's mothers. It was only the ceremony, and the day already felt like it couldn't get any better. But there was still the night-time photo session! After some wonderful buffet selections (quesadillas, meatballs, and 7...