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National Mall

Sunrise and DC Architecture Engagement

Leni & Danny

Oh my goodness - BEST! Leni and Danny's engagement session gives me so much inspiration. Even though it's been about a month since their shoot, I cannot get enough of these two. We covered every beautiful spot in Washington DC and I can keep thanking these two for getting up early! Sunrise is not entirely my favorite time of day. I'm usually either finishing up work or snoozing when the sun decides to come up. However, for an engagement shoot of Leni and Danny's caliber, I'm up and dressed 2 hours before go time. These two are the reason I say sunrise is a great time for photos. They are up for adventure, exploring, and suggesting places for us photograph. Not to mention, the way they look at each other is next level adorable! Leni and Danny COMPLETELY made our morning amazing! I feel like over the time that we all spent together, we really got to know each other a little better. We got to hear stories of their energetic puppy, get the inside scoop on things to see in DC, and we got to hear the story of Danny's proposal to Leni. Danny's advice: If you don't have a photographer available to photograph the moment, sneak a sticky note onto your phone explaining your plans to get on one knee, then find a millennial to snap away. Genius! You get to have all the beauty of the surrounding area without having to worry about someone camping out...