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Snow Day

Snow Day in Maryland!

Winter has Finally Spring

If you follow me on Instagram, then you've probably seen my rants about this winter. If you don't follow me on Instagram, why not?! (@britneyclause). The season has been lackluster to say the least. But, FINALLY: Winter. Has. Arrived! The weather channel was reporting a good 6-10 inches of snow for our area, which had me real excited. However, what we ended up getting was about 2 inches with a life time supply of sleet. I'm not going complain too much, though, because seeing the ground covered in crispy snowy goodness is still better than the naked ground. I'll take whatever snow Maryland offers, even if it is a bunch of slush! When the snow was originally predicted, I figured we would just stay inside, cuddled up with some hot cocoa. But then I thought that if this is the only winter storm we get, I want to take advantage of it! It's always easy to get Pony outside, but Shawn... he's a different story. Shawn isn't a big lover of the cold, so I was sure he would try to veto my backyard adventure. However, he great thing about him is that he is a wonderful husband and didn't fight me at all :D! The thing I enjoy most about a snow day is how serene everything feels. It always makes the world feel so quiet and calm. I remember as a kid going outside and laying in the fluffy snow just enjoying the silence. It drove my...