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Sunrise and Capitals in this Downtown Annapolis Engagement

Emily & Matt

My love for Downtown Annapolis truly knows no bounds. Every time we meet a couple that says they live for the waterfront views, cute houses, and friendly people, I know that couple is stellar. Anyone with the dedication to do a photoshoot at sunrise (my preferred time for city sessions) is amazing. But these two are real trophy winners for waking up before sunrise, right after celebrating the Caps Stanley Cup win. The funny thing is, I actually met these two (along with Emily's mom) by total chance. Back in April, I was taking a tour of Main Street Ballroom to for the Big Fake Wedding. While touring it with two other vendors (Rachel Kendall Events and Flour De Casa), one of the site coordinators pulled me aside. She said a future Main Street couple had some questions. Enter: Emily and Matt. There was a level of comfort that I felt immediately when we all started chatting. The conversation flowed so naturally, and when I got home, I was greeted with an email from Emily asking me to be their wedding photographer! I still feel a multitude of emotions, but the one that takes up the most room is joy. Joy in getting being there for their big day, and joy that we made the random connection that we did. During their session we talked more about their wedding details, their love of the Washington Capitals, and the houses we would buy if we won the lottery. I'm pretty sure...

Sarah and Kevin's Engagement Spotlight

Gorgeous Morning Baltimore Session

I'm so incredibly happy to say that Sarah and Kevin's wedding is just a few short days away! I remember meeting up with them in September at Federal Hill Park for their engagement photos and chatting about how much time they had for planning. It felt like the months would take forever to pass at that point, but here we are, just a handful of days away! On Friday these two will be exchanging vows and celebrating with family and friends at the beautiful La Fontaine Bleue. Shawn and I are ecstatic to witness and photograph their day. Going through their engagement session for this little highlight reel brought back all of the giddy feelings I had while photographing them. These two are just the absolute sweetest, and the fact that you can see the love they have for each other is just amazing. I adore them so incredibly much. <3     ...

My Favorite Engagement Photos of 2015

Year in Review

I am so shocked that the end of the year is already here! Today's blog has been an absolute breeze to write and a dream to pick images for. I've had in mind some of the images that I would use for today's post for quite awhile, but actually going through them brought back so many happy memories of the great people Shawn and I have gotten to meet. Over the past year, I have felt so much growth in engagements sessions; from getting couples to feel comfortable, to putting on the final edits. It's truly been a wonderful year. We have had our share of challenges, but, through facing them head-on, we have been able to completely obliterate any problems (hulk style :P). 2015 was also Shawn's first full year of shooting along side me. I can't speak for him, but I can say it has been the most amazing thing. I love working with my husband, we can pretty much read each other's minds and he helps me calm down in times of high stress. He is my rock and I cannot thank him enough for all the hard-work and dedication he has shown to Britney Clause Photography. There are not enough jellybeans in the world for me to pay him back with <3. Going forward into 2016, I hope to take my engagement sessions to the next level. Shawn and I are constantly learning in order to give every couple we have the best possible...

Kati & Chris

A Stunning Engagement in Annapolis, Maryland

We met up with Kati and Chris on a cool November morning at St. John's College in Annapolis. Though it was a sunrise session, these two showed up with bright smiles and a wonderful positive glow around them. They also brought along their sweet goldendoodle, Dempsey, who is so goofy and charming that you cannot help but laugh when you see him. We were just into the first few minutes of the session when the cops came and hauled us off to campus jail... Just kidding! Although we did have to take Dempsey off campus grounds, the security guard was totally nice about it and even hung around for a little to talk to us about how adorable dogs are. (Shout out to that awesome guy!) Once we stepped off campus, Dempsey he made his triumphantly adorable return for the rest of the session :). Shawn and I loved wandering around downtown with these three, chatting about how nice of a day it was and about their proposal. Kati and Chris showed us just how crazy their height difference with a reenactment of Chris on one knee (so funny!). We made stops at the State House, Ego Alley, and then the William Paca House and Gardens. There was some construction  going on out front of the house, which meant that the workers on this fall day got a nice little glimpse of romance, haha. Kati and Chris are so cute and fit together so well that they look...