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Thank You

Thank You So Much

Personal With a Touch of Sappy

It's officially that time when the holidays start gearing up, and we take a break from being behind the camera. It's the end of the 2016 wedding season and we feel great. Our level of enthusiasm isn't because we get our weekends back, but from a place of thanks. This year, 15 couples let us in to their lives to capture the start of their forever. I never in a million years thought we would be at this place, photographing wonderful people on their gorgeous day. My heart is unbelievably full today, which is why I need to say thank you. I'm starting to tear up a little bit just thinking of every smile, laugh, and (obviously) tear that occurred over this season and all the ones prior. Over five years ago, I shot my first wedding. It was for a good friend, and I had no idea what I was doing. I called upon all my schooling when it came to posing and lighting, and I practiced so much. However, nothing could prepare me for that day. The weather was rainy, I couldn't figure out my flash, and I didn't know how to assert myself. I felt like a complete failure, and as I packed up, I told myself I would never do another wedding. But then my friend came up to me and wrapped me up in the biggest hug in the world. It was in that hug and through her excitement having me as her photographer...