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Upper Marlboro

Alyssa & Matthew

A Magical Wedding at Billingsley House

I had been ready for Alyssa and Matt's wedding since we shot their engagement session last year. Not only are they incredibly sweet and kind to others, but they have such an amazing connection with each other. It was easy to tell they were dear friends right from the very start. When Shawn and I pulled up to the Billingsley House in Upper Marlboro (the same location as Alexandra and Sean's wedding last November), my mind was already going nuts with excitement. This venue is one of a kind, with beautiful views of the Patuxent and an excellent tented area, which gives any reception a very fancy but open feeling. Driving up the tree lined drive-way, we could see the perfect pops of coral and mint, and we could also see the most interesting tree centerpieces on the colorful rectangular tables. The tree branches and paper leaves added a dimension to the reception area that wouldn't have been achievable with just vases and flowers. Immediately upon walking into the space, I was filled with a sense of overwhelming happiness thanks to all of the details that fit so perfectly together. All of Alyssa and Matt's unique decor was from the mind of their wedding coordinator, Christina. She put in so much time into every detail, and I was amazed at how she captured Alyssa and Matt's personalities in the decorations. Christina's attention and care to the small things filled the reception and ceremony space with so much magic. My favorite...