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To Shawn on Our Second Anniversary

October 10th

October 10, 2016

I think this anniversary blog posting is going to be a thing I do each year. The second anniversary came quicker than the first, and I love being able to talk about Shawn anywhere I can. It's fun to give him center stage on the platform that he spends a lot of time perfecting :P. I don't want to be too sappy because I still have an anniversary card to fill out, but no guarantees.

Shawn, the time we've had together this year has been even greater than the last. I don't take for granted a single second we've had together. Whether we are hiking in Virginia, or just taking Pony to the vet, my favorite thing in this world is to be with you. You are my safe place that I can laugh at the strangest things, binge watch any tv show, and party rock in the car with. You have the ability to make me feel at home no matter where we are.

This year especially, we have been cursing the smallness of our apartment, but one day we will miss the close quarters. I'll miss us bumping our office chairs into one another, swaying in the kitchen because there isn't enough room to dance, and eating dinner on the couch since a dining table is too big for the tiny space. We look at these things now as negatives, but soon they will be some of our favorite memories. I look forward to being 90 years old and reminiscing with you :).

By far, the greatest tradition created in our little home this year has been our fondue nights. With me prepping the dinner, and you offering emotional support as you talk to me from the doorway. Our personal Melting Pot in the living room always makes me laugh. The way we have to use chairs and the occasional popcorn tin as surfaces for our dipper buffet, it's like a puzzle figuring out where to put everything. I love these moments so much, and I cannot help but smile when thinking of them.

Thank you for a wonderfully blissful second year of marriage. I can't wait for our camping getaway where we will get to relax, make s'mores, and celebrate our second anniversary. Every day I learn something about you that makes me fall in love over and over. You are the best thing in my life and the best puppy dad ever. Here's to all of the adventures to come!

Happy second anniversary, Shawny-poo! I love you 5ever. ❤️

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