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Anniversary Post

The Third Year of Marriage

You & Me...And Everyone We Know

Shawn, when I think about today being the official kick-off to our third year of marriage, I'm kind of shocked. It feels like three days ago we were exchanging vows in our 7 minute ceremony. Two days ago that we were adopting the only acceptable child for us (PONYYY), and one day ago that I posted about our second anniversary. You never believe a person when they say that the time speeds by, but it does. The moments and the years are gone in an instant, which is why I'm glad we spend so much time together. Whether that's discovering new places or just napping on the couch.  We made promises to each other 1095 days ago to always be there for one another, no matter what. Yeah, of course, we fight just like any couple. But the thing I love about us is that we communicate unlike anyone I've ever known. You're able to understand how I'm feeling based on my look, and allow me time to process, and then share with you my thoughts . You are never condescending, or snarky. Even though I'm sure it would be easy to combat my attitudes with your own, you don't. If I ask for help or just need someone to cry on, without a question, you are there. The amount of support you put into our family and friendships is unbelievable. When Brad and I came to you talking about audiobook reviews, you didn't stop us and tell us we...

To My Husband on Our First Anniversary

I Love You

To My Husband In this extremely quick year of marriage, we have done so much together. From small road trips to adopting our Pony pup our life is my favorite. You have sacrificed your time to help me accomplish my dreams, and you have encouraged me every step of the way. I can only hope that when it comes time for me to help you, I can be as impactful on your work as you have been on mine. I promise, even though I know nothing about what your dissertation will be about, I will try my absolute hardest to learn. Us being each other's biggest fans is something I never expected, or knew I would need and want from a partner. You have been such a wonderful light in my life. Your happiness and calm demeanor brings me so much peace. It fills in a part of my heart that I thought would be missing forever. I love every new thing I learn about you. In the 5 years that we have known each other, I am always surprised and giddy to learn more about you. Your smile, your singing, your dancing at your computer while coding, are pieces of you that, when I'm feeling an ounce of sadness, I can look to and immediately feel a familiar rush of comfort. You are my touchstone and my home. To be married to such a dedicated, goofy, intelligent, non-judgemental man; I am fully aware that I am the lucky one...