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Nostalgic Love in an Arbutus Backyard Wedding

Sarah & Brandon

Can I say that never in a million years did I think a wedding would happen so close to home? Literally right next door! My husband and I live in Arbutus, Maryland. A sweet little town that has its own Post Office, comic book store, and movie theater; everything a person needs. The homes aren't cookie cutter, but they all contain the same amount of comfort. Sarah and I have lived close to one another since I moved up here when I was 12. I'd always see her and her siblings playing in the backyard, having a blast with their dog, Holly. So seeing Sarah and Brandon exchange vows in the same backyard was phenomenal. The day started with a very easy commute. With a quick walk right next door. Sarah had everything ready for me, and the entire day had a very light and easy feel. If Sarah was stressed, she didn't show it at all! The guys were even less nervous, spending the afternoon playing Halo, haha! I love wedding days that flow so smoothly. These two have been planning their day for an entire year, so the fact that it all easily fell into place was a true gift.  Since we had been watching the setup of the day from our bathroom window, we were excited to see it all up close! I totally wasn't expecting a complete transformation of the backyard. When we stepped into the ceremony area I was in awe. Sarah's mom, Kim...