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At Home Engagement

A Comfy Cozy At Home Engagement

Kaitlin & Ben

This past Saturday, Shawn and I traveled out to Clarksburg for Kaitlin and Ben's at home engagement session. Now, before I dive in to all the amazingness, I just have to say: I love at home sessions! My absolute favorite thing about them is that the couple is comfy from the get-go. It's their space they are building together, and it has all the warmth and coziness they are used to. Not to mention, I feel like we get a better understanding of who the couple is when we are in a space that is so central to them. Everything from who does the cooking to how they watch TV is something we love learning about, but often don't if it isn't somehow brought up. Being in the place where couples do their day-to-day living inevitably brings up these little details and stories, and it's fantastic. This weekend, oh my gosh! I'm going to kick it off by saying I'm totally crazy about Kaitlin and Ben. Any couple that is comfortable enough to bust out some goofy faces and admit they watch Real Housewives are my kind of people, haha! As soon as we walked in to their gorgeous house, we felt like friends. We stood in the kitchen for a little bit and just talked about their neighborhood and their wedding. It was so comfortable and natural. Honestly, after chatting on the phone with them a few months ago, I suspected this is how it would be. Kaitlin and...