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Bride And Groom

Haley & Brandon Hebron House

Wedding Photographers in Ellicott City

So weddings are definitely interesting right now. Smaller guests list, social distancing, and masks all make for a different kind of day. Just because it's different, though, doesn't mean it's not incredibly special. If anything, now, more than ever, weddings are even more sentimental. There's not the same feeling of rushing or stress, it's all based in a closeness that, all weddings of course have, but that closeness is much more visible today. Haley and Brandon's wedding at the Historic Hebron House was filled with so much incredible emotion. This was a day to celebrate them and their bond, which is honestly sometimes easy to forget when all of the other aspects of a wedding day take over. One of the coolest things about Haley and Brandon's wedding is that they had SIX officiants. Yes. Six officiants. Their closest friends lead them and the congregation through prayer, the vows, and blessing of marriage. Each friend that spoke and oversaw the day made it that much more special and personal. I now feel like all couples should have their friends officiate their wedding, haha. That might be a tall ask, but seriously, what people know you and your relationship better than the company that you keep and genuinely interact with? This couldn't have been a more perfect day. Truly! Congratulations, Haley and Brandon! It was an honor to be your wedding day photographers. Thank you both for allowing us to capture such a gorgeous time in your lives. We wish you...

Finding Our Niche

Micro Changes, Macro Results

In this blog post, I want to explain our unique focus as wedding photographers, and how it positively affects our business. Before diving in, let me explain some background. I've been searching for my place in the photography world since 2011 when I created my business. At first, it was incredibly easy to pick the path I wanted to follow: couples, engagements, and weddings. I've always felt more comfortable in smaller groups, even when I was a kid. The connection that I was able to build with a couple was always much more natural. The journey of finding my place became a little more difficult when it came to perfecting my editing style. But after some consideration and basing it on my personality, I decided to focus on more bright and colorful images. In November, I attended the Creative at Heart conference. One of the speakers, Shay Cochrane, figuratively slapped a bunch of us in the face with "finding your niche." The entire conference was abuzz with ideas of what made their work different and what set them apart from the masses. I felt the tiniest amount of imposture syndrome, because I had no clue what made my business awesome. It wasn't until I read Shawn's blog post a few weeks ago that I realized our niche was staring us in the face the entire time. Our Niche The benefit of our husband and wife team is getting to show balance during the wedding day. It's not...