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Manifesting Dreams

As Shawn pointed out in his post on Monday, when he arrived back home from Arizona, he shared with me an itsy bitsy cold. I am a very dramatic sick person, so I was pretty much out of commission for a day or two. While sprawled out on the couch and binge watching Modern Family, I started to think about all the venues I've had the opportunity to shoot and all of the ones I have only been dreaming to photograph at. I've heard previously that when you want to make something happen, you should put it out in the world because it may manifest itself into reality. After awhile I started to really believe in that and started to be a little more genuine to myself. I was truly surprised in the effect that it had on my life and the positivity that it brought. So, naturally, I have started trying to work the magic into Britney Clause Photography. When Shawn joined me in 2015, he started to experience these beautiful places and adventures with me. After he came aboard, I really started to expand my view on what, where, and who I wanted to photograph. The "where" got me especially excited because I know there are an extraordinary amount of amazing venues in Maryland alone. So when I opened up my mind to all of the possibilities - oh man - that made me start to imagine big things for the future. I have a ton...