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Clipper Mill

Becca & Will's Baltimore City Wedding

Wedding Photographers in Maryland

So we've been waiting for Becca and Will's wedding for what feels like forever. We knew it was going to have all of our favorite things: Will and Becca, Baltimore City, and cotton candy. Is there anything more you actually need? Everything from their ceremony at St. Joseph's Monastery Parish, a church that is extremely special to Becca, to their intimate reception at La Cuchara was fantastic. There was so much friendship and love. Honestly, their day could be the poster for wedding happiness. From our first meeting with Will and Becca, we had a feeling their day would be spectacular. We chatted about food, New York, and....Dungeons and Dragons. I would say the second Will asked us about D&D is the moment we realized these two were going to be a very special couple to us. Since our initial meeting, we have all become for real friends. Sounds weird to say "for real" but our hope with all of our couples is that we legitimately get the chance to hang out and have fun outside of "business". Will and Becca have shown us it can happen, and that come wedding time, we are friends watching friends get married instead of photographer and client. AND we even have the honor of being Becca's first D&D group :P.  Will and Becca have a very special relationship. They complete each other in a way that people don't often get to see. Both of them...

Locally Grown & Sustainable Love Styled Shoot

Baltimore Bride Feature

Our locally grown styled shoot is one that I have been waiting to share since September! Not only is it low-key and intimately sweet, but it is also jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Much like the previous styled shoot Marlayna and I did, the vendors that we worked with completely knocked it out of the park. From the table florals to our bride's make-up, it is all stunning. Everyone worked so hard to make this shoot feel like a beautiful dream. It has totally paid off with our Baltimore Bride feature. Check out our Locally Grown feature on Baltimore Bride! My favorite part about this shoot has to be that the vendors we used are all from the Baltimore area. La Cuchara, our spectacular setting, is a charming, Basque inspired restaurant located in Clipper Mill. They source all of their ingredients from Maryland farms and markets, giving wonderful business to locals. It was a pleasure working with Candace Cage Design who took elements from the restaurants lattice design plates and incorporated them into the invitation suite. Marlayna and I are still in awe of those invites. Local Color Flowers brought so many vibrant florals to the tabletops and ceremony space. It's absolutely amazing to see a florist work, because they have such wonderful vision and it's almost magic to see them piece it together. We also got to include two perfectly crafted floral pressed guestbooks from UpDown Press and Bindery, which added a great pop to our reception scene. The loveliest part of...