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Fort Myer Officers Club

An Enchanting Wedding at Fort Myer

Kristin & Andrew

This has been the hardest blog to write. Not because of a lack of words, but because I could talk about Kristin and Andrew for days. I have been so excited for their wedding since we first met on Google Hangouts two Decembers ago. As I expected, their day was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was on point and their location at Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia is a total stunner. My favorite detail has to be the history of Old Post Chapel where Kristin and Andrew had their ceremony. About 44 years ago, Kristin's parents had their wedding in this chapel and her sister had her wedding there just a few years ago. That little sentimental fact still has me smiling, since it's little personal things that highlight the couple and makes each wedding unique. I know I mentioned it in their spotlight post, but I don't mind reiterating that these two are the greatest. Shawn and I were well aware that we were going to have fun with these two. What we didn't know was we would leave their day with an immense feeling of friendship. They care so much about the people in their lives, and that extended to us on Saturday. Their sweet and genuine personalities left us feeling so incredibly happy. The simple act of gathering the photos for this blog post filled me with so much joy. Especially when I think about the A+ dolphin sounds Kristin would make to keep Andrew laughing during portraits...