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We Almost Brought Home an Irish Orphan

Ireland Adventures Part 2

The second half of our Ireland adventure is finally here! I meant to have this up sooner, but we moved recently, and it's been an adjustment period. We had boxes, furniture, computer wires all over! Thankfully, the apartment is starting to look a little more put together, which means I can finally get back to blogging. We didn't think much could top the amazingness that is Bunratty Castle, but we were oh so wrong. Thinking of it now, the first part of our trip was all purchased adventures. We had the Vintage Tea Tour, the portrait session with Claire, and - of course - Bunratty. Part two, though, is a lot of countryside and city events. Day 5 in Limerick We woke up in a foggy haze, literally. There was a fog washing over the city that was both spectacular and incredibly creepy. We figured we'd worry about that when it was time to leave. Until then, we needed breakfast! Heading to the hotel restaurant, we got to enjoy the full scale views that the Absolute Hotel offered, and we wished we could have stayed in the city just one more day. After a traditional meal of black pudding and tea, we decided that we would milk every last second out of our hotel suite.  Returning to our room, we lounged around in the robes, made a huge bubble bath, and turned on both TVs (rebels). I got sucked into Coronation Street, a British soap opera that's been on...