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Fall Showed Up For This Mountain Branch Wedding

Amanda & Jim

Fall has been having a difficult time deciding if it wants to be around or not. There's been a slow change to the trees, but still 70 degree weather! I'm not mad about it, though. Especially when it makes the view from Amanda and Jim's wedding absolutely breathtaking. I'm convinced that Mountain Branch Golf Club was created for the Fall. The overlook, the trees, the red and stone building - it's total perfection! It all works so well with the orange and yellow of the season.  Amanda and Jim couldn't have asked for a greater day to exchange vows. Dare I say that it was almost too warm on November 3rd? Nahhh, I won't! Everything worked so well in their favor, considering the rest of the weekend was gloomy skies. Besides their expert date picking, I need to talk about the decor they had. These two put a lot of hours into picking and creating their chic decorations. Jim created their centerpieces by hollowing out wooden stumps, then sealing and testing to make sure his craftmanship was on point. Their vision came together incredibly well, and it's because they worked together to create a dream like reception space. Okay, the time has come where I dedicate an entire passage to the epicness that was the reception. First of all, Amanda and her friends can dance. Every time Shawn and I thought they were taking a break, an N'SYNC song would come on and they'd all be back out there...