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A Sweet Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

Melissa & JJ

Melissa and JJ couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day at the Liriodendron Mansion. The temperature was great, the Maryland humidity was manageable, and the 70% chance of rain never materialized! It was what you expect for a perfect summer day, and it makes me so happy that it fell on Melissa and JJ's wedding! Before I go jumping in, this place may look very familiar. Well, that's because we actually shot another wedding there the previous evening! The Liriodendron is so grand, we chose to hit it up the very next day, haha! Seriously, though, this venue is absolutely so stunning. Melissa and JJ found THE greatest venue for their vows and gathering of loved ones. I think the awe of this venue hits everyone a little differently. Some people walk right through to the ceremony space, face the mansion, and get are awed with all the architectural beauty. Others see what's going on inside of the mansion, and are charmed by the history. It's a fantastic place to kick off your lives together and give your guests more than they ever bargained for ;P. Something I really enjoyed about Melissa and JJ's wedding is that they fit so well together. Not only as a couple, but also with their families. Melissa's three niece's adore JJ, and it was THE cutest thing to see them grab his arm and just hold onto him. I feel like kids are the ultimate judges of character, and the way JJ interacts...