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Top of the Mornin' to Yah!

Ireland Adventures Part 1

How is it possible that an entire month has passed since our trip to Ireland? It feels like yesterday that we were driving through the green country, eating delicious Irish food, and singing Christmas carols in a castle. The trip was really remarkable and - no lie -  we wish we were still there. The most unbelievable part of our journey? We did it all with 1 carry-on each.  Adjusting to life back home took time. Even though we were gone for 8 days, we acclimated to the laid back living really quick. Who would have thought that relaxing would be easy to get used to (/s). But, now that wedding season is over and the holidays are packed away, we're so excited to share about our trip! The places we saw, the things we did, and ALL the photos are finally here!  Day 1 in Dublin Our flight got into Dublin Airport at 5:00am. I don't know why we thought it would be a great idea to land so early. We grabbed our rental car and headed to the city center. Since our hotel didn't do check-ins until 3:00pm, we decided to find a parking garage to sleep in the car. Yup, our first activity in Ireland was sleeping in a garage for 4 hours. You'll notice that the greatest memories we made were from small things like that, haha! Once we woke up from our nap, we headed off to the Jameson Distillery for a tour...