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Kurtz's Beach

Allie & Josh Kurtz's Beach

Wedding Photographers in Pasadena

Winter. Wedding. Greatness! Seriously, Allie and Josh couldn't have asked for a more perfect day than February 1st for their wedding. The weather was great, the rain held off until the evening, and the atmosphere was exciting and beautiful. This was our first time photographing at Kurtz's Beach, and it has very quickly became a favorite venue! The wide open and clean look of the dance floor, the amazing rustic but modern ceremony space, and the ample patio area is what we dream for every location. It was a stunning spot for Allie and Josh to officially start their forever! Leading up to the ceremony, we experienced a first at a wedding: a trick first look. Now, we've done first looks, first touches, no-look first looks (TM pending :P), but we've never had a bride trick the groom by having a groomsman dress up in a wedding dress. It was the most hilariously kept secret, because literally everyone knew about it except for Josh. By the look on Josh's face when he sees Kevin in that dress, I'd say it's something he wishes he never did see (Kevin if you're reading this, we think you make a beautiful bride). There is just nothing better than a wedding day filled with unique personality and wonderful memories. That is a moment that Allie, Josh, and all of their friends and family will remember forever. I mean, they'll remember the whole day, but seriously...Kevin in a wedding dress is memory gold. We...