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How COVID-19 will change your wedding

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Now that the state of Maryland is starting to reopen from COVID-19, I wanted to open a conversation about our business moving forward. Obviously, there is new information coming out weekly of how businesses can get back to "normal", but our normal, may not be normal for the next business. This pandemic has changed the way we think about health and safety. By laying this out, we hope it encourages our couples, current and future, to start a dialog with us. We know this is stressful, but we also know everyone wants to be smart and informed. Should weddings be considered "large gatherings"? I know that weddings are, by definition, considered a large gathering. It's important to point out that they are different from other sorts of events in that group. At a lot of large gatherings that would include over 100 people, there's not the focus on just two people. At community gatherings, festivals, or conferences, there's a natural sense of distancing that can take place as people stick to their own group. There's not a pull to be close to two particular individuals, or the strong feeling of uniting and reuniting of families.  During a wedding, no one wants to be distanced from the wedding couple. They want to express their congratulations, hug, kiss, dance with them. The wedding couple is a celebrity that EVERYONE in attendance of their day wants to get close to. It may sound dramatic, but at this moment that's...