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Naval Academy

A Naval Academy Engagement You'll Absolutely Love

Eliza & Taylor

Even though the summer is coming to a close, the amazing engagement sessions are just starting! Sunday morning we met up with Eliza and Taylor in Annapolis. The morning was bright and the air was cool. It was arguably the best August morning ever. Eliza and Taylor were incredibly charming the second we met up with them. They came relaxed and ready to have an incredible session. Conversation came easily and was very revitalizing despite having to wake up before the sun even started to appear. We never miss an opportunity to be out by the water for our Annapolis engagement sessions. But we always longingly look at the great waterfront rocks over in the Naval Academy. Shawn and I have just never had the opportunity to go past security to have a session there, but Eliza and Taylor were the perfect ones to explore with. Taylor is a Marine and Eliza's brother goes to the Naval Academy, so they both had a ton of knowledge about the area and various interesting facts. It felt like a tour with some friends in addition to a session! There were so many spectacular places at the Naval Academy, including a gorgeous fountain, lots of greenery, and some very awe-inspiring buildings. We even experienced reveille as the academy began its Sunday. Afterwards, we took a trip outside to downtown Annapolis and the Statehouse for some more great photos. These two didn't need any instruction on how to pose, and were like pros as...