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Patapsco State Park

A Patapsco State Park Engagement Adventure!

Leah & Kevin

When I think of the most fun I've had on a session, I'm forever going to think of Leah and Kevin's engagement. They have made Patapsco State Park my number one favorite location. Not only were Kevin and Leah amazing, but the weather yesterday - my goodness! It was completely out of this world! I don't know why Spring keeps coming in and out, but if it could stay 72 degree, I would be happy with that, haha! Before completely diving into the session, it's important to note that I'm a complete dog freak. It takes a strong hold on my dignity to not roll on the ground with a fluffy puppy. So when a couple tells me they are bringing their dog, my excitement level goes through the roof. When Leah emailed me and asked if it was okay they bring their pup, Union, I just about squealed with joy. That handsome man of a dog is so sweet and photogenic! I was in the love from the very first second. Note: if you don't want to fall into an adorable hole, please do not go and search the #germanshepherd tag on Instagram. You'll have a good time, but you may end up adopting 29 dogs. Enough about fur-children, let's get back to Leah and Kevin. From the very start of the session, these two were flawless. They non-stop joked with each other and just had a blast. These two are a couple that you can look at and...