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Robin Hill Farm

A Rustically Chic Robin Hill Farm Wedding

Alyssa & Ryan

Saturday was such a perfect day for a wedding! Especially when combined with the views that Robin Hill Farm provides. It was breath-taking, and I knew before we arrived that this wedding was going to be spectacular. The rustic charm of the barn (heh, rhymes), the greenery of fields, the sunset - it was all amazing! I loved every ounce of personality that Alyssa and Ryan put into their decorations and their day. The rustic, chic vibe fit them perfectly. I always feel that the ceremony is like a movie trailer. The hype starts as guests begin taking their seats, you see the excitement from the groom, and then - the big moment - the reveal of the bride. Everyone does a little gasp, and a collective "aww," and a few eyes may start to water. Alyssa and Ryan's ceremony was exactly that: wonderful and thrilling. It made me so happy to see these two come together and really be present for every moment. We even got some laughs from the tightly tied rings that best man, Cody, was tasked to unravel. The ceremony really set the stage for the rest of this fantastic day. After their vows, we headed out for a few portraits before dinner and dancing. I am seriously in love with everything at Robin Hill Farm. They have such a serene landscape that I could not stop saying "wow" over. Honestly, I could have spent the entire evening photographing Alyssa and Ryan in...