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Saint Croix

Chelsea & Ryan

A Sunset College Park Engagement

It always fascinates me with how close we get to meeting our "other half" for the first time, but we don't actually interact with them until a much later because of life and timing. Chelsea and Ryan know this well, since they even shared a backyard, yet didn't formally meet until a mutual friend introduced them. It's pretty interesting to think about how life goes along until the perfect time when paths can cross, and everything can work out perfectly. I had been eager to meet these two since Chelsea and I started emailing last year. Both of them live in Saint Croix, so our meet up had to wait for a little bit until they both returned back to Maryland. I can totally understand it not happening too frequently, since I'm sure their families always want to come to them, haha! Shawn and I are definitely envious of their island life :P. While we were emailing, Chelsea mentioned that since her and Ryan both attended The University of Maryland, College Park, they wanted their engagement photos to have the beautiful campus as their backdrop. I had never gotten the chance to shoot at the university, so I was definitely looking forward to their session. From the moment that Shawn and I pulled up, I could tell that every piece of the school was going to be fabulous. The grounds were well kept, and the colonial architecture of every single building was breath taking. Every second with Chelsea, Ryan...