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Salem Lutheran Church

An Intimate Matthew's 1600 Restaurant Wedding

Michelle and George

Saturday was a day of double celebrating. For starters, we had Michelle and George's wedding in Catonsville, Maryland at Salem Lutheran Church and Matthew's 1600. Then we were also celebrating my birthday! What better gift is there than doing what you love?! Not to mention that the weather was out of this world. Blue skies, sunny, and the perfect temperature. I don't think there is anything better than that! Leading up to Michelle and George's day, there was a lot of heartbreak. Michelle's father passed away right before Christmas, and I know the powerful emotions that come from that type of loss. Then in April, they had to say goodbye to Michelle's dog, Wrigley, who became George's best friend as well. It was not the easiest path to the wedding day, but these two held onto each other tighter and tighter through every storm. Even though the pain will never completely go away, having each other will help it ease little by little. It was such a joy to be involved in this day. Everything from Michelle getting ready to the thank you speech at dinner was filled with elation. The intimacy in the wedding allowed for them to celebrate with all of their closest friends and family on a very personal level. They chatted and laughed with every single person. I know that at the end of the evening, everyone was able to feel like they were a big part of the wedding. Michelle and George are so incredibly...