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Shiny New Product Spotlight

Waiting on new sample material has to be the most exciting and nerve-racking experience. I recently got in my brand new sample album, and it just feels like a new chapter in product satisfaction. My previous sample album was incredibly outdated. I had graphics and borders, and the image placements were a little wonky. Getting this update was something I have been waiting for. Through updating my website and my pricing for 2017, I just knew I needed to boost the quality in my products to match what is coming very soon, and I'm so happy with the results. Before I dive in, I want to give everyone a little glimpse into the life of Britney. I'm not the only one that loves getting packages in the mail; we all know the feeling. The delivery truck arrives, the person finds your package in their truck, they come up to your door to drop off the large box. Meanwhile, you're peeking around the corner until they're gone because it's 3 pm and you're still in pyjamas. When you finally retrieve the goods, you run back into hiding- I mean - the house and begin unboxing. With my sample album, it was like unwrapping gold. The quality is magnificent, the design hits all my simplicity love buttons, and the smell is on point (yes, I'm a weirdo that smells her books). The Album Stats For my updated sample album I used RedTree Albums (thanks for the referral, Marlayna!). They're a fabulous...