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Sugar Loaf

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Engagement Session Location

Tips & Tricks

One of the biggest questions I get from clients: where should we do our engagement session? I can seriously pick locations for days. There are a ton of parks all around Maryland, and urban locations like Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington DC are all within 30-40 minutes. The thing I can't search for in a location, though, is a place that you will click with and love. That's the reason I always suggest that you and your other half find a spot that you can envision yourself being in together. Imagine the session you want -- not one that you found on Pinterest or Facebook -- but one that you truly think will capture you two as a couple. Think of the environment that you enjoy and pick out certain aspects from it. Is there a lot of green? Water? Maybe there are some different unique elements like stone buildings? (If I just described everything that you are seeing, then I can suggest your session being at Savage Mill or Ellicott City.) Figuring out certain details that you want in a location can help immensely with searching for that perfect spot. A great example of picking out a location is how Shawn and I narrowed down our own ideas for our engagement session. For starters, I had outfits picked out months prior: a lace salmon color dress for me and a maroon button down with khaki's for Shawn; then an outfit change into more casual jeans and sweaters for later...

Kerry & Tommy

A Mountain Overlook Engagement

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of photographing Kerry and Tommy's engagement session at Sugarloaf Mountain. We had quite the adventure exploring this location, including: finding a baby snake (the area is home to the copperhead), an exhausting hike up the "stone steps", and a gorgeous view from the summit. Even though we were feeling that hike for a few days afterwards, it was a beautiful evening spent with such a great couple :). These two are longtime friends of mine and (fun fact) I set them up! I've know Kerry and Tommy both separately since high school, and knew they would be perfect for one another back then. Now, playing match maker can be quite difficult: you have to know their personalities, their likes and dislikes, if they can get along, etc.. However, with these two, it was something pretty simple that gave me the light bulb that they would be great together - Anchorman quotes. Good ol' Will Ferrell, haha! It wasn't until college that I was finally able to get Kerry and Tommy to meet, but I think it was well worth the wait. They've been together ever since and have one of the most fun, strongest, and most adventurous relationship. These two really are a perfect fit <3. That was all five years ago! It's incredible how fast time goes by; now these two are getting married and will continue the beautiful life that they have together. I can't wait to see what...