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The Peace Park

A Gorgeously Serene Engagement at the Peace Park

Jeannine & Pema

Sunday was such a perfect day! We met up with Jeannine and Pema at the Peace Park and - wow - what a beautiful place! It was so calm and serene. The world felt so wonderfully still for those couple of hours. The rushing cars and busy areas around us just sort of went into pause mode. It was an incredible feeling. In addition to being such a stunning location, the Peace Park also carries some sentimental value, since it's where Pema proposed. The lush gardens within the meditation areas must have soothed any pre-engagement nerves. I'm so happy that Jeannine and Pema chose this spot for their session. It holds such a special place in their heart, and getting to experience it with them was really fantastic. It's also safe to say that Jeannine and Pema are total rock stars. My greatest fear for the session was rain. The weather called for partly cloudy weather, and during our ride out to Poolesville, it's down-poured. I kept worrying that at any moment, Jeannine might reschedule, but they luckily pulled it out. Even when it started sprinkling mid-session, they shrugged it off and kept posing expertly. It was a great lesson in "don't sweat the small stuff," because not even a minute after the drops started falling, it totally stopped. These two are definitely my new heroes! Walking the trails and going through the meditation areas really put us all at ease. It's a powerful location that I totally...