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My Christmas

2010 Presents Galore

December 30, 2010

Christmas was really awesome this year! I got a lot of great things for my camera, which was what I was mainly happy about :D. I also got a spongebob hat for when I go snowboarding that was pretty awesome as well! For Christmas I went to my mom's house, opened up all my gifts there and then ate breakfast. From that point we all went to my brother's to watch my nephew and niece open their bagillion gifts! They ripped through them all like pros, of course. I got a bunch of photos and movies of them opening their gifts and of course I took some pictures of just random things that interested me. I'm going to post mainly the random ones because I doubt anyone wants to see a nine year old and a 6 year old opening gifts XD. Soooooooo, here you go with the images! :D


Definitely a lot more random than the above:

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other holidays that are celebrated with your family :D!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, as well!!

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