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Winter Time in Maryland

Also a Happy Birthday to my Niece

December 19, 2010

So, the semester is over and Christmas is upon us. Maryland had it's first semi awesome snow-fall, which was....ACTUALLY AWESOME! I went outside and, of course, took photos :). I don't have much to write in this entry, so I'll just show some photos from my time spent outside in the beautiful wonderfullness that is snow.



At this point, I started to have a camera love affair with my shoes. I have a bunch more images, but I thought two were enough :P

And finally, a silly image of myself that shows the level of happy that snow gives me. I truly love snow and winter in general <3

Less than a week until Christmas! EEEEEEEE :D. I am so excited for Christmas this year! The first time in two years I have actually been happy for Christmas to be right around the corner :)

I fell off the wagon with the blog updating these past couple of weeks, I promise I will try to not let that happen again :)

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