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For My Grandmother

A Life Time

October 18, 2011

Sweet sun
Send me the moon
Empty the skies out
Bringing me one step closer to you
Send it soon
And I will breathe in, breathe out
Until you come in and out
Of view
Of view


I've been putting off this blog....On October 4th my great grandma passed away, it wasn't sudden to everyone else, but I guess every death to me feels unexpected. She was 93, soon to be 94 on November 25th, she had a wonderful life, a great family...she had the life that most don't get to have. I wrote a blog about her a little bit ago, so there isn't much I can say. I loved her a tremendous amount and I really did believe that she was going to live for forever. That sounds really naive, but she was special to me.

I took hundreds of photos of her all the time, she was interesting, she was spectacular, she was every positive adjective I can think of. Even with all of my photos and videos of her and small nicknacks she had....it just doesn't feel like enough. There is something to be said about a little old lady who made a 22 year old feel completely safe; I lived right above her in the top apartment of her house and ever since she has been gone I am scared of every little bump. I mean, I was scared of everything while she was alive, but now it's just this feeling of being lonely. Gosh, I seriously just can't even believe that she is gone. I guess I can't be selfish, though, I have to remember that she is now with God, and my great grandpa, and my dad (giving each other a hard time, I'm sure), and her parents, and alllll 11 of her siblings. 

I gave this to her one her birthday about 4 years ago, she kept it on her side table all that time until I took it last week.


I have to have faith that I will see her again. And be able to tell her how much I have missed her and how much I love her.



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