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Adventures in the Park

Take a Hike

So on Saturday, my boyfriend, Shawn, and I went to Patapsco State Park because it was close to my house and we wanted to go walk some trails. It was a pretty cool day (temperature wise) and fun to get out and do something natury :). I took my camera and took a bunch of pictures of the trails, trees, and of course Shawn :P. He actually didn't mind me having my camera pointed at him most of the time, he is a big ham so I think he enjoyed it quite a bit. Anyway, we stayed out there for about an hour and a half and then walked back since the park was closing at 8:30 and it was currently 8:40 :P. I took a little looksy at the images and decided that I haven't played enough with this pack of filters I got for Photoshop, so I did that! Got some cool results with it and I only used like....4 of the different color effects on my images and there are about 100 others! I gots a lot of fun ahead of me! :D IMAGE TIME!



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