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Looking at Old Family Photos

Memories of the Past

September 30, 2011

First, I really love old photographs and it doesn't matter to me if it is my family or someone else's family, I just looooove them! Second, my grandma found a tin full of old family photos in my great grandma's house, so, naturally, I swiped the tin and took it to my apartment to look through. As I started sifting through the photos I noticed there were A LOT from when my great grandpa was in (I think) the Korean War, which were really interesting because I had only seen a few photographs of him from when he was younger. Half of the photos of him were with his buddies, a few were with random women (before he married my great grandma), and then the rest were shots of the army equipment and the land. As I neared the bottom of the tin I found a SUPPPPER old photo of my great grandma when she was probably 12 years old. I sat and stared at it for a little while because I see my great grandma how she is now and how she has been for my entire life, but then I see this photo of a little girl that claims to be her, it makes me slightly teary eye'd to see the younger her, I can't really explain it. But I know that it makes me love photographs even more. Of couse there were the other standard photos of my mom, my brother, and of course me :P! I took some photographs of the photos (lol) that were in the tin to share, so I'm going to be keeping the writing pretty short today.


Lol at my mom in the middle holding my brother, oh the 70s, you made people make terrible fashion choices. I'm on the right....with way blonder hair and in the 90s :P.

My great grandpa is the one on the left, lookin' all cool with that lean.


On the left is my great-great grandma, and on the right is the photo of my great grandma

I think this is my most favorite photo of my parents ever. They look so happy and wonderful :)


Like I said, not a long post. I must go and play money BINGO with my mom and grandma now. WOOO, big money, big money, no whammies STOP.

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