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Product Spotlight: Album

Product Spotlight: Album

April 08, 2015

Albums have always been a classic way to hold great memories. I remember growing up and always looking through my baby album. It was full of physical prints stored behind yellowed crinkly paper, and it was difficult to turn the pages because the rings of the album were huge and cumbersome. But I still went through it in order to see my family and all of the crazy hairstyles they had :P. The thing I like about the albums I offer is that the quality matches the photo memories: fantastic. The photos will never fade, the pages do not yellow, and there aren't any pesky rings. The books are bound together professionally to give an item that is truly one of a kind and built to last, so that one day, future generations can look back and gawk at the style we have today.

It brings me so much joy that I can offer such a great product to my clients!






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