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White Water Adventure

Weekend Getaway

The trips that Shawn and I have been able to have this month have been amazing. This past weekend, we took a weekend adventure with friends up to Confluence, Pennsylvania. We were able to camp and white water raft in the cool Yough River. It was a great time to get away to relax. With weddings about to pick up again, having a chance to get outdoors and hangout with friends is exactly what we needed. The Trip We left on Friday afternoon, spent most of Saturday white water rafting with Laurel Highlands on the Lower Yough River, and came home Sunday. Of course, the weather did a good job at scaring us. With the forecast calling for thunderstorms on Saturday, we weren't sure if our white water adventure was going to happen. Lucky for us, the storms stayed far away, and we were able to show the river who's boss. In fact, the sun gave us a very hot and sunny trip on the water. Our sweat drenched us before even touching the water. Thankfully, the water was a refreshing chill we got to enjoy during the calmer parts of the river. The immense humidity, though, gave our two Eagle Scouts a surprisingly difficult time trying to light our campfires. With some perseverance, we managed to get the damp wood lit and a nice fire going. All of our meals were done over the camp fire. We had ground beef foil packs with vegetables for dinner the first...

Adventures in Camping

It Rained All Weekend

Two weekends ago, Shawn and I decided that it would be really fun to go camping. He had received A LOT of camping gear from his parents, my parents, and me this past Christmas, so we had to start using it at some point! We travelled out to Elk Neck State Park up in North East, Maryland (this isn't the general area of the park, it's the name of the town where the park was located, this made my parents really confused for some reason :P.) When we finally were finished shopping at the local Walmart for food, extra sweat pants, and blankets (it was freezing) we finally made it to our campsite. It was around 10:30 pm and pitch black out, we didn't know where the other campsites were located and we thought we heard water nearby, but we couldn't be sure. Shawn, being the expert wilderness man he is, quickly set up the tent and I sorta helped move all our stuff in - I don't think I was very helpful because I was busy taking night pictures, which I will show but not until the end of this post since they are my favorite! We fell asleep pretty quickly and the next day it rained the entire morning and was forecasted to rain most of the day. When we caught a break in the downpour Shawn and I were starving so we got the stove, the sausage, and the pancake mix ready and made the fastest...