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Adventures in Camping

It Rained All Weekend

Two weekends ago, Shawn and I decided that it would be really fun to go camping. He had received A LOT of camping gear from his parents, my parents, and me this past Christmas, so we had to start using it at some point! We travelled out to Elk Neck State Park up in North East, Maryland (this isn't the general area of the park, it's the name of the town where the park was located, this made my parents really confused for some reason :P.) When we finally were finished shopping at the local Walmart for food, extra sweat pants, and blankets (it was freezing) we finally made it to our campsite. It was around 10:30 pm and pitch black out, we didn't know where the other campsites were located and we thought we heard water nearby, but we couldn't be sure. Shawn, being the expert wilderness man he is, quickly set up the tent and I sorta helped move all our stuff in - I don't think I was very helpful because I was busy taking night pictures, which I will show but not until the end of this post since they are my favorite!

We fell asleep pretty quickly and the next day it rained the entire morning and was forecasted to rain most of the day. When we caught a break in the downpour Shawn and I were starving so we got the stove, the sausage, and the pancake mix ready and made the fastest - most delicious -breakfast ever. Shawn actually made most of the pancakes, and they were those "perfect pancakes." I was envious of his skill. After we ate, sure enough, it started raining again and we retreated to our tent and played LIFE, read a little, and then napped. It had finally stopped raining just in time for dinner, but it was super windy and cold which made it really hard to start a fire and stand outside for even the shortest of time. I had done nothing but talk about how I wanted to make hot dogs and S'mores, so this fire WAS going to start and we were going to eat like a camping king and queen. Our determination paid off and we had an awesome dinner, and even got to make S'mores. I took more pictures of Shawn by the fire making his S'mores and poking the fire. With the amount of time it took us to make a successful fire, and cook our food, we had cut well into quiet hour and ultimately bedtime.

The next day the rain and wind were all gone and we started packing up around 11. We didn't have to leave until 3, but we decided to go exploring and wanted to as much time as possible. Down a little ways from the camping area there was a really great trail to follow down to this cute little lighthouse, where I took more pictures of Shawn and the scenery. There was this really great view of the water right over a cliff where Shawn took my (awkward) photo and I took his. But since I wore the wrong shoes entirely we had to make our way back to the car and back to Baltimore/Pasadena.

Ready for some pictures?!






I absolutely cannot wait to go camping again! I had so much fun.

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