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Great Falls Park

Beautiful Sunset Engagement at Great Falls Park

Aimee & Mike

Shawn and I explored Great Falls Park last month, which you can read more about here. From the very second we set foot in this gorgeous National Park in Virginia, we knew it was the perfect place for Aimee and Mike's engagement session. Not only does Great Falls Park have stunning overlooks of the Potomac River, but it also has tons of lush greenery. Pairing that with Aimee and Mike's adorable interactions, this spot is a photographer's dreamland. We met with Aimee and Mike over a month ago on Skype. Even though we weren't meeting in person, we still got to know them a little bit. Shawn and I could tell that they have such an easy and calm relationship. They fit with each other so well, and watching them giggle through the retelling of the proposal story was the cutest thing. Speaking of the proposal story, I just have to say that Mike is a definite winner. He not only got down on one knee in New York City, but he created a monogram necklace with the geo location of the exact spot that he would ask Aimee to be his wife. It's a tremendous keepsake and story that gives me chills every time I think about it. Even over Skype I think I just aww'd for about 5 minutes to them, haha! Meeting these two in person at Great Falls Park was such a joy for us. The most adorable thing was Mike helping Aimee over every...

Great Falls Park

Sunset Hike

This weekend, Shawn and I took a quick trip down to Great Falls Park and did some intense location scouting. We've heard of this amazing spot for years, but haven't been able to check it out. It wasn't until one of our couple's mentioned it that we decided to make the drive down to Virginia. There was no better time to visit, since it was the Centennial for The National Park Service. Not only was there free entry to the park, but they were also showing Wall*E in the evening. I don't think Shawn and I could have planned our impromptu date hike any better, haha! Walking around the park, I honestly could not believe how beautiful it was. Sure, the temperature in August isn't ideal for a hike, but as we reached the edge of the cliffs the view took our breath away. There was a slight breeze from the falls below that filled the air with a wonderful crispness that cooled the scorching heat. As a result, near the edge of the rocks, it was as if fall had already arrived. Shawn and I found this amazing secluded spot to hangout and dream about the e-sessions that we hope take place here. As the sun was setting we strolled around a little bit more. We found the Matildaville Ruins, which were incredibly interesting to see and learn about. Back in 1790, there was a town constructed whose economy relied on the Patowmack Canal. When the canal closed, the...