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Jerusalem Mill

Jerusalem Mill Engagement Session

Melissa & JJ's Spotlight!

The day is finally here! Melissa and JJ's wedding has arrived. Last Fall, we met up with Melissa and JJ at the always beautiful Jerusalem Mill. We made sure to get there early to beat the crowd, and we were lucky enough to catch some morning fog. It was so wonderful seeing these two and hanging out for the morning. Anyone that gets up at sunrise for their session wins so many respect points from us, haha! The fall morning at Jerusalem Mill was a perfect atmosphere for Melissa and JJ's session. The red barn, the ruins, and the river all offered a unique vibe to the session. I loved how rustic, but modern their engagement felt. Not to mention, adding in a couple that is really, really fun pushes the session to a whole new level. From the very moment we kicked off the shoot, Melissa and JJ were smiling and having a good time. Is there anything better than a cool location and a great couple? I don't think so! As we get ready to head out to Melissa and JJ's wedding at Liriodendron Mansion, I am overcome with joy. If I have to guess how the day will go, the only word I can think of is: flawless. I think their day is going to be very heart-felt and beautiful. They have a terrific relationship, and their love for one another will shape this day into everything they ever dreamed of. Ahh! Shawn and I cannot wait...

A Sunrise Engagement at Jerusalem Mill

Melissa & JJ

Fall is finally starting to make it's appearance, and I could not be happier about it! On Sunday, we met up with Melissa and JJ at Jerusalem Mill Village. It's a perfect little spot that offers up so many different looks. There's a field with terrific views of the changing season, ruins that create an old world feel, and a relaxing river that looks like a painting. Everything in this area is so beautiful, and I'm always in awe whenever we get the chance to photograph here. Being with an amazing couple like Melissa and JJ in this surreal location that is out of a magazine makes me so giddy. Any time that we get to spend with a couple is fantastic. We get to know their relationship, how they interact, what makes them laugh. It's great to see and it makes us even more excited for their marriage. The best thing about Melissa and JJ is that they like to have fun with each other. They make each other laugh and do goofy things, which is the kind of love that makes me smile. During every session, there is a point where we all get comfortable with one another. The walls come down and it's almost as if we have known each other for a long time. We reached that point in Melissa and JJ's session very early on, so the entire time shooting we were joking and laughing with small bursts of hilarious posing. My favorite pose from...