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La Fontaine Bleue

The First Touch Explained

Tips & Tricks

When we meet with a couple, one of the questions we ask them is if they are doing a first look. Most of the time, our couples do go for the first look, which we enjoy. It's a great way to get intimate portraits and a sentimental memory. However, not all couple are fans of being that non-traditional. They will often mention how they don't want to see each other, but they still want to do something. That's when Shawn and I suggest what we like to call the "first touch". This option is amazing for the couples that want to have a moment together, but also want to save the big reveal for the aisle. Shawn and I totally understand this option because it's what we did. For those who don't know Shawn, his personality during stressful situations is incredibly calm. It's something I knew I needed when planning our big day. The only problem was that we both did not want to do a first look. So I scoured Pinterest and found a sweet alternative. It allowed us to share a beautiful moment, while still seeing each other for the first time right before our vows. On our chilly, rainy wedding day when everything was going crazy, all I wanted was Shawn. Our first touch was exactly what I needed in order to calm my brain (which was working overtime). I know I've talked about our experience a few times. It's important, though, because it made us...

The Key to Wedding Planning Perfection

Something Borrowed, Something True

Since I'm waist deep in my watching of the Olympics, I'm seeing the word "perfection" everywhere. It's an interesting idea that shows up a lot in sports, and also in wedding planning. There is an insurmountable amount of pressure on today's brides and grooms to have that perfect day. Your decor needs to be new and fresh, and you need to be over-accommodating for your guests. It can be incredibly difficult to balance. However, the greatest shift I've seen in our couples is that the perfect day to them means doing what makes them happy. Following happiness makes the planning process run so smoothly. At a certain point in our wedding planning, Shawn and I had to put aside what our guests would like and do what was best for ourselves. Naturally, we were still concerned with throwing a great party. But when we thought about what we enjoyed, the pressure from "perfect" vanished. We created our own idea of what was best for our day, and it made a huge difference. Seeing couples come to the same conclusion as us is fantastic. There is always the fear that, because of sites like Pinterest, the need to chase a flawless wedding is stronger than ever. Reading the positive advice fills me with so much joy. The key to wedding planning perfection is to throw out the idea of perfect. Focus on the fact that your happiness going into marriage will take you much further.   Marielle...

Sarah & Kevin

A Beautiful Ballroom Wedding at La Fontaine Bleue

Sarah and Kevin were married at the fabulous La Fontaine Bleue on one of the most perfect Spring days. Seriously, the sun was shining and the temperature was just right for a bride in a Cinderella gown, haha. Their wedding was intimate, romantic, and full of so much love. Kevin's reaction when he saw his beautiful bride coming down the aisle was so full of excitement that I thought he was going to burst. Probably one of the things I adore the most on a wedding day is when a couple softly sings their first dance song to each other. It's such a simple thing, twirling around on the dance floor and being so overcome with the song's feelings that you have to whisper certain parts of it in your beloved's ear. The moment Sarah and Kevin's song came on, Forever Ain't Enough by J Holiday, Kevin immediately took Sarah into his arms and started singing to her while dancing. Witnessing this filled me with so much giddy happiness, and it easily became my most favorite part of the day <3. Shawn and I are so happy for these two. I cannot say enough how wonderful and amazing they both are. We know that their marriage is going to be beautiful!   _____________________________________________________________________________   All of the amazing vendors that made this day the best day ever! Ceremony & Reception Venue: La Fontaine Bleue Caterer & Cake: La Fontaine Bleue Makeup: Kristen Goldberg Hair:...

Sarah and Kevin's Engagement Spotlight

Gorgeous Morning Baltimore Session

I'm so incredibly happy to say that Sarah and Kevin's wedding is just a few short days away! I remember meeting up with them in September at Federal Hill Park for their engagement photos and chatting about how much time they had for planning. It felt like the months would take forever to pass at that point, but here we are, just a handful of days away! On Friday these two will be exchanging vows and celebrating with family and friends at the beautiful La Fontaine Bleue. Shawn and I are ecstatic to witness and photograph their day. Going through their engagement session for this little highlight reel brought back all of the giddy feelings I had while photographing them. These two are just the absolute sweetest, and the fact that you can see the love they have for each other is just amazing. I adore them so incredibly much. <3     ...