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Middle Patuxent Environmental Area

A Lovely Middle Patuxent Environmental Engagement

Michelle & George's Spotlight!

It's wedding time for Michelle and George! Shawn and I are so excited to see these two and celebrate their love. But, if you haven't noticed by now, I really enjoy reliving engagement sessions. It's a wonderful time to reflect, and I just adore looking at the photos again. Michelle and George's session at Middle Patuxent Environmental Area was ah-mazing! The area is right in Michelle's (and now George's) backyard and they are always spending time on the trails. That special aspect to their location only added more fantastic feelings to the e-session. Leading up to Michelle and George's day has not been easy. Michelle's father passed away in December, and then their furry friend, Wrigley, also left the world this past April. It's been a hard time, so seeing these engagement photos fills my heart with so much happiness. We were able to include Wrigley in a lot of the photos that I know fit in perfectly with Michelle's collection. Chatting about wedding plans while also laughing about Wrigley's puppy-like attitude was a memory I will cherish. Shawn and I enjoyed getting to know these two so much during their engagement session. It felt like we got such a deeper glimpse into their relationship that has made me 10 times more ecstatic for their wedding. Their wedding day is going to be one filled with so many beautiful emotions. For one, the day is a celebration of so many relationships. Michelle's parents were married on June 10th 50 years...

Middle Patuxent Environmental Engagement

Michelle & George

On Thursday, Shawn and I met up with Michelle and George for their cool autumn engagement session. The location for their shoot was, conveniently, right in Michelle's backyard. How cool is it that she lives right beside the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area?! Walking on the trails of this gorgeous spot, it was hard to believe that civilization was so close. It seemed like we had stepped into a totally different world. Middle Patuxent Environmental Area has so much to offer: there is a small pond area, a grassy field, and even a bridge that passes over a river. This location is so perfect, and I'm really glad that Michelle suggested it. The greatest part about any session is getting to know the couple. Michelle and George are such an adorable pair. Shawn and I loved strolling through the environmental area with them because it allowed us to chat about everything. The biggest topic was Michelle's dog, Wrigley, who is a super handsome 12 year old Golden Retriever. Age is no hang-up for Wrigley, as he still possesses all the sass and spunk of a 4 year old pup. We really enjoyed watching these three interact with each other, since everything they did was sweet and fun. George even took a little break to run around the environmental area with Wrigley, which had us all laughing since Wrigley is still a speedy little dude. I'm having the best time getting to know more about these three with every passing day. Shawn...