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New York City

Still in a New York State of Mind

Adventures and the City

I've been so crazy busy with my June weddings and gearing up for gorgeous engagement sessions that I completely have been neglecting an amazing, fantastic, out of this world trip to NYC that me and my best friend, Brad, and I took in June! Let me set the stage for you: I had just gotten back from my May trip to New York and was settling in back to home life when I get a text from Brad asking me how the city was. I started filling him in on all of the new experiences I got to try (subway system and taxis). At some point in our text stream, Brad sent "I wish we could go adventure in the city together." While reading his message, I shrugged and replied "Let's do it!" Once a discussion of dates happened, I immediately got on and booked us two tickets for a day trip on June 16th. Saying that we were excited is a total understatement. Brad and I had this "New York City life" dream since we visited the big apple 10 years ago for my 17th birthday. This impromptu day trip was going to be the best part of our year. We arrived in the city at 10:00am, which gave us 12 hours to walk around, hail cabs, and - most importantly - eat lots of different food. Our first stop was Cafeteria, a super modern and trendy restaurant in Chelsea. Even...

Karen in the Big Apple

Spring Time Portraits in Central Park

What better way to spend part of your visit to New York City than having a portrait session in Central Park? I had never seen the park before (unless movies count), so I was super excited to not only adventure around with my friend, but also photograph someone in the amazing space. It is seriously a photographer's dream park since there are fancy bridges, beautiful backdrops, and blooming flowers everywhere. Every time I thought I had found the most awesome location to photograph Karen in, we would walk five steps and there would be another breath-taking area. If it wasn't so dangerous and probably illegal, I think we would have spent the entire night in the park. Apart from all of the fantastic statues and buildings, there was one place that Karen really wanted to find: Madeline Kahn's memorial bench. We started searching as soon as we entered the park, but quickly realized that every bench is a memorial bench or named after a donating family. We had a quick moment of defeat, but by some stroke of rare luck, we soon stumbled upon an empty bench that exhibits the faded plaque of the late great Madeline Kahn. It was pretty cool how we both felt this invisible guide to the area :). I think the best part for Karen, though was seeing The Nanny's establishing shot house and getting some very pretty photos in front of it. A lady who lives across the street even came over and...

Subways, Taxis, and Streetcars

My Trip to New York City

This past weekend my friend, Karen, and I traveled to New York City. Our mission was to see Gillian Anderson in A Streetcar Named Desire at St. Ann's Warehouse with a group of friends, and I would say we accomplished that and then some. As most everyone knows, the city is huge. We only had 2 full days to adventure, but in that time we got to see the Chelsea Market, wander through Central Park, experience the inside of lots of taxis, learn the subway system, explore the High Line, and eat loads of food. The most exciting part had to be riding the subway; I don't exactly know why it was so great, but I think it has something to do with the idea of learning something new and successfully navigating it. Of course Streetcar was 100% stellar. This production is deep, and getting to experience it in person is unlike anything I've ever seen. If you haven't seen it, I urge you to make the trip - it's worth it. The way the show is done is incredible. The entire stage area is situated in the middle of the room with the audience just a few feet from the scene. We were so close that when Blanche, the main character played by Gillian Anderson, walks around the stage, you have to pull your legs in so that she doesn't trip over your feet. And - the best part - as Blanche's mental state begins to be tested, the...