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Katelynn & John

A Breath Taking Engagement at Brookside Gardens

I have almost no words to describe the incredible engagement session we had with Katelynn and John at Brookside Gardens over the weekend. It was seriously that amazing. I should first say that I have been wanting (probably more like needing) to photograph at Brookside for about three years. Shawn and I have stopped in there very quickly once before, but have never had the pleasure of exploring the grounds. When Katelynn mentioned that her and John wanted their photos to be there, I immediately started jumping up and down with excitement. We arrived at the gardens on Saturday morning, bright and early. The day had a cloudy start, but that just meant that the flow of tourists Brookside normally attracts would be staying warm at home :P. While it didn't feel much like Spring, the gardens were still in full bloom. There were yellows, pinks and purples everywhere, as well as beautiful tulips blossoming on every side of the path. All of the beautiful colors took us by surprise, since we expected lots of prettiness, but this was just a totally different level of jaw dropping gorgeous. Not only were the gardens perfect, but Katelynn and John were fantastically adorable. They were such naturals in front of the camera, and I loved watching how they fit so wonderfully in each other's arms. Being able to hang out with them for the morning made Shawn and I even more excited for their Jamaican destination wedding next May. We just...

Jessica & Frank

A Gorgeous Waterfront Wedding at The Anchor Inn

I am just in love with Jess and Frank's wedding day at The Anchor Inn in Pasadena, Maryland on Saturday. This adorable couple had a sweet and emotional ceremony where their pup, Mufasa, acted as ring bearer. I don't know about anyone else, but it makes me immediately giddy when I see a tie on a dog. Jess and Frank went the bold and vibrant route when choosing their wedding decor with colors like pink, yellow and orange. It completely fit the bright and airy reception space in an amazing way. The mason jar centerpieces (which I'm not sure if they were DIY) were so cool looking, and really made each table feel warm and inviting. Throughout the evening, Shawn and I must have told each other how fantastic Jess and Frank's wedding colors were about 10 times. When it came time for the reception, Shawn and I were assured by Frank's mom that the dance floor would be full and wild. She was not exaggerating. The floor felt packed the entire evening, and it seemed like all of their guests put in 100% dancing effort for every song. During the evening, we pulled Frank and Jess outside for some night portraits. When the Cha-Cha slide came on, the entire venue was shaking because of everyone stomping. We seriously thought the floor might crack in half in the most awesome way, haha! Congrats to Jess and Frank, and thank you both for the beautiful and incredibly fun wedding!  ...

Hannah & Terry, Emory Grove

A Wedding Full of Heart

Everyone has heard that it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day; with that in mind, Hannah and Terry will have the luckiest marriage ever. The venue for Hannah and Terry's wedding is a gorgeous historic hotel called Emory Grove. It is surrounded by lush green trees and colorful little cabins. Because their engagement session had taken place at Emory Grove, I already had an idea of the beauty surrounding the area. When Shawn and I first arrived, it didn't look like the rain was going to let up, but as soon as Hannah and Terry said "I do" their luck kicked in and the down-pour ceased. Needless to say, I was ecstatic that we were able to explore without having to bother with umbrellas. Not only did Hannah and Terry choose a breathtaking location, but they found the most uniquely fun vendors. From the meals being supplied by food trucks to The Loop band getting everyone on the dance floor -- the entire day was mind blowing. There are tons of things about weddings that I absolutely love. One of the major things, though, is the incredible families that make the day possible. Hannah and Terry are surrounded by an absolutely amazing support system and it was easy to see how these two individuals became such a strong and loving couple. At certain points during the day, I had to step back and simply enjoy the precious moments shared between not only Hannah and Terry...

Katie & Matt

A Chic Wedding at Mt. Washington Mill

Katie and Matt completed my trio of weddings at the beginning of September, and it was one of the most beautiful weddings I've had the pleasure of photographing. Their wedding took place at the breath-taking Mt. Washington Mill-Dye House, which is a complete dream. My jaw dropped as soon as I stepped through the door's of the Dye House. Unique architecture, exposed brick, string lights creating a fairytale like glow over dinner and dancing; it's a space that doesn't need many additions to be perfect, but the small details that Katie and Matt did have played wonderfully with the overall atmosphere of the Dye House. In order to maximize time on their wedding day, I met with Katie and Matt at Fort McHenry a week before their wedding to take their bridal portraits. It was a new experience for me, and I think I may be in love with bridal portraits now. Katie and Matt were able to choose a location that had plenty of variety from bright green trees, to spectacular waterfront. They weren't limited to what their wedding venue had to offer and it allowed them a lot more time at the wedding to enjoy the amazing party. Shawn and I really enjoyed working with Katie, Matt, and their daughter, Larkin. Not only are they calm and down-to-Earth, but they are incredibly sweet. I look forward to any chance I get to work with these three again :).   ______________________________________________________________________________ The fabulous vendors that made this...

Jillian & Jack

A Classic Wedding at the Royal Sonesta

At the end of August I had the great pleasure of photographing Jillian and Jack's wedding. It was such an amazing day with this beautiful couple, and I am so happy that I got to capture these special moments for them. These two truly compliment each other so well, and one of the sweetest moments was when Jack saw Jillian coming down the aisle. Seeing his eyes well up with tears and excitement took this wedding to a totally different level. There was not a dry eye in the church when these two were announced as husband and wife. Even nature decided to shed some happy tears! There were a ton of precious moments during this wedding, especially during Jillian's dad's speech to the newlyweds, which I couldn't help but tear up. The amount of love that was incorporated into this day was one of the most beautiful things I have seen and I am so excited to be sharing some of these special memories! Jillian and Jack, I'm so happy that I was able to be apart of your special day. Your love is an amazing thing and I know you guys are going to have a wonderful life together! :D   ______________________________________________________________________________ Watching Jack and the rest of the guys cross the street with my second shooter (and husband) Shawn! Commencing the pocket square challenge While the guys came back to the hotel and hid, Jillian had her amazing first look with her dad :'D. Then the...

Lindsay and Stephanie

A Beautiful Summer Massachusetts Engagement

On June 1st, I had the pleasure of traveling up to Massachusetts to meet Lindsay and Stephanie and shoot their engagement photos. I had been in contact with them for a few months, but we had never gotten a chance to meet because of the distance in our home states. When my assistant (my fiance :P) and I arrived at their house (that they so graciously opened to us) I felt like I had known these two for years. They are absolutely wonderful and two of the nicest people I think I could ever have the chance to meet. For their engagement session, they had two locations planned out, the first was very close to their wedding venue in Bradley Palmer State Park. The park was gorgeous, vibrant, and the sun coming through the trees just made everything so warm and comforting. After about an hour at the park we ventured to our second location, which was Crane Beach on Crane Estates. The beach was absolutely fantastic! The weather was clear and perfect, the crowds were not overbearing and there was this great mansion on a beautiful green hill in the background. I cannot thank Lindsay and Stephanie enough for allowing me to shoot their engagement photos. If this was any indication of how their wedding is going to go, well, I am ecstatic and looking forward to their wedding more than anything else!     ...