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My Favorite Wedding Photos of 2015

Year in Review

Every photo of Shawn and I is important, but the photos that we cherish and love the most are our wedding photos. We look back on our day and see the family that was present along with the memories that were created. Our love for each other and for the day itself shines in every single image. They are a wonderful representation of who we are and why our marriage is special. Those feelings we have for our photos are what motivates us to be our best possible selves for all of our couples. This past year we were able to photograph 17 amazing couples coming together in marriage. Each wedding was unique to the style of the couple, and every single marriage announcement, I teared up. Shawn and I got to do our first out-of-state wedding in Massachusetts, and because that was such a fabulous experience, we now hope to get more out-of-state nuptials! The best part about this year is that from these weddings, we came out with new friends that we are so excited for and are cheering for every single day. Gathering the images for this post was something that I wish I could do all of the time. Seeing these days unfold again was beautiful. Shawn and I are incredibly grateful for every opportunity that we have been given. We have really grown as partners and photographers so much over 2015. It was no surprise to me that I started tearing up at...

Samantha & John

A Lovely Homestead Engagement

On Sunday, Shawn and I traveled to the Shoemaker Homestead in Taneytown, Maryland for Samantha and John's wonderfully rustic engagement session! It was quite possibly the hottest day of the summer thus far, but that didn't stop these love birds from wrapping each other in sweet hugs. I was able to get glimpse of what their wedding day will be like since Shoemaker Homestead is where these two will be exchanging vows and dancing into the night. It is a breathtakingly gorgeous location and Laura, the owner, is as sweet as can be. I cannot imagine a more perfect place for Samantha and John to be married! Samantha and John both attended York College in Pennsylvania where they actually were neighbors for a bit. However, it wasn't until they ran into each other in Baltimore that they started talking and eventually dating. Being so close to one another, but never even realizing it until your paths cross in some fateful way, is really an amazing thing. I adore when love stories begin before either person even realizes it!   ...

Mary & Justin

Sunrise Farm Engagement

I'm really excited to be sharing these images from Mary and Justin's engagement session. I went out to Laurel to shoot their engagement photos wayyyy back in October at an adorable farm owned by Justin's grandmother. It was a gorgeous morning and Mary and Justin are just so adorable and silly together. When we were finishing up, Mary and Justin busted out their Maryland Terp jerseys, a football, and started some of the cutest goofy photos I've ever seen. Their love for each other show's through in all of the photos and I'm really glad I get to share these because they make me smile. I am so excited for their April wedding and being able to witness a day celebrating them is just something that makes me so giddy! I cannot wait! :D   ______________________________________________________________________________ :D Cute! ...

Jessica & Thomas

A Beautiful Wedding at Linganore Winecellars

A few weeks ago I traveled up to Mount Airy for Jessica and Thomas's wedding! I was super excited and had been looking forward to it since the day I met with them way back in May (before I even knew if I passed their interview process :P). The day started at a salon on the main street of the town, where the girls were getting even more beautified than they were naturally. Jessica was mostly calm, except for occasionally showing her excitement with a huge smile and a laugh with her girls. I don't know how she got through the day without being stressed out at all! It certainly helped that the day ran incredibly smoothly, since both Jessica and Thomas had everything timed and organized perfectly. Before the ceremony, Jessica and Thomas did a first look that was accompanied by the wedding party and most of their family. It was and incredible build-up, with people were cheering and laughing and shouting when Jess was near, Thomas was turning around, when the big reveal finally happened. Just typing it makes me giddy all over again! During the ceremony, the sun created a gorgeous pink and orange sky, and there was plenty of laughter, as well as emotional readings from both the bride and groom's mothers. It was only the ceremony, and the day already felt like it couldn't get any better. But there was still the night-time photo session! After some wonderful buffet selections (quesadillas, meatballs, and 7...

Leah & Glenn

A Rustic Wedding at the Howard County Conservancy

On May 11, I had the pleasure of photographing Leah and Glenn's wedding. You may remember when I posted their engagement session. It was the most amazing, intimate, and cute wedding that I've been to and I am going to proclaim is as one of my favorite weddings! It took place at the Howard County Conservancy in Woodstock, Maryland. The surrounding area is picture perfect suburbia, then the area opens up to this gorgeous field to reveal the Conservancy. When my second shooter and I arrived, the weather was great - lots of sun, clouds, and a comfortable warm.  Then, the weather shifted and it started to downpour, which worried me how it would impact the ceremony (it was taking place in the barn at the conservancy). But it seemed like the heavens knew just when to start and stop raining. It stopped soon after Leah announced she was all ready to go to the barn, started once she was safely inside, and stopped a little after the ceremony was done. The storm didn't diminish any of the happiness, though, and Leah was all smiles as she walked down the aisle to Glenn. I love the way Leah and Glenn look at each other. it's amazing when you see two people's eyes light up just at the sight of one another. They are such a wonderful pair, and I'm so glad that I was able to capture all the love between them, their family, and their friends. Not to...

Glenn and Leah

Perfectly Rustic Barn Engagement

Since Glenn and Leah are getting married this Saturday (AHHH :D) I figured it was FINALLY time to buckle down and post their engagement session. They already had the location picked out, a gorgeous farm where they actually keep their horse, Doc. It was such a beautiful place and obviously the perfect location since they are getting married in a barn soon :P! I had so much fun with their session, they are pretty much the funniest couple ever, and they go together so well. I'm so glad that they allowed me into their world and that I get to photograph their wedding in a matter of days. Ahhhhh! Excitement!       The way Glenn looks at Leah is pretty much the cutest thing ever!   Looking at their pictures makes me SOOOO much more excited for the wedding. I was already excited, but now I'm on a whole new level :P ...