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Karen in the Big Apple

Spring Time Portraits in Central Park

What better way to spend part of your visit to New York City than having a portrait session in Central Park? I had never seen the park before (unless movies count), so I was super excited to not only adventure around with my friend, but also photograph someone in the amazing space. It is seriously a photographer's dream park since there are fancy bridges, beautiful backdrops, and blooming flowers everywhere. Every time I thought I had found the most awesome location to photograph Karen in, we would walk five steps and there would be another breath-taking area. If it wasn't so dangerous and probably illegal, I think we would have spent the entire night in the park. Apart from all of the fantastic statues and buildings, there was one place that Karen really wanted to find: Madeline Kahn's memorial bench. We started searching as soon as we entered the park, but quickly realized that every bench is a memorial bench or named after a donating family. We had a quick moment of defeat, but by some stroke of rare luck, we soon stumbled upon an empty bench that exhibits the faded plaque of the late great Madeline Kahn. It was pretty cool how we both felt this invisible guide to the area :). I think the best part for Karen, though was seeing The Nanny's establishing shot house and getting some very pretty photos in front of it. A lady who lives across the street even came over and...

Our Relaxing Trip to Salem, Massachusetts

After Shawn and I finished photographing Lindsay and Stephanie's wedding, we went to a place that I have an odd obsession with: Salem. Everything from the rich history to the bright yellow leaves on the trees I was in love with. We took a tour through the Witch Museum, which was like living in my 10th grade English books. Seeing everything that I had learned about through the years was incredibly fascinating. Not to mention that the shops in Salem are absolutely adorable! They have a Harry Potter wand store, which looks like it was straight out of the movie. I wanted to buy a wand so badly, but thankfully Shawn was there to talk me off the edge (and tell me to wait until we visit HP World in Disney :P). We fully intend on going back in order to see the house from Hocus Pocus, haha! We only got spend a little of our afternoon in the small city before we started the 8 hour drive home, but we ate lunch at Scratch Kitchen. Best. Grilled Cheese. Ever. I think I can safely speak for Shawn when I say we could have lived within this restaurant. It was such a unique spot with all of the ingredients being local and fresh. Though we loved visiting, I didn't end up taking many photos at all. Shawn and I really just enjoyed being with each other on a great fall afternoon :). This was an absolutely perfect way to...