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Waterfront Wedding

Josie & Andre Anchor Inn

Wedding Photographers in Pasadena, Maryland

Is there anything better than a wedding on the water? How about a wedding on a perfect October day at the Anchor Inn in Pasadena, Maryland? Because that is exactly the type of wedding Josie and Andre had! Their October 9th day was absolutely spectacular with amazing weather and such a fun group that came ready to bust out the dance moves on the dance floor. One of my favorite parts of any wedding day are the wedding vows. Obviously, you get a great sense of a relationship through spending time with a couple, but personalized vows are always a bite size piece of personality that give you a sweet sense of how a couple fit together. These two had everything in their vows: promises, laughter, and even some tears. We got to see a glimpse of how special and important they are to each other just through their vows, and we feel so lucky to have witnessed it! Josie and Andre, thank you both so much for having us as your wedding day photographers. It was so great getting to know you both and see your day come together so seamlessly! You both are such wonderfully fun individuals, and watching you both join your families together was such a joy. Your lives meshed😉 so well together before your day, and, believe me, it's only going to get better and stronger from here! Cheers! Some cool memories of the day! The end of the wedding was really just the beginning...

Dani & AJ Hyatt Regency

Wedding Photographers in Cambridge

Fall was in full effect for Dani and AJ's GORGEOUS wedding at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort. Seriously, they could not have asked for a more beautiful day, at a more stunning venue. After seeing their day, and adventuring around the grounds with them, I have said to Shawn multiple times how much I want to do a vacation weekend here. Beginning to end, Dani and AJ's wedding was spectacular. They thought of everything, and Lorin and Sharon from Celebrations, LLC made sure that it all happened for them. I'm still dreaming about their reception space. Dani and AJ, thank you both so much for trusting us to be your wedding day photographers. The day did go by super quick, but I'm so glad that we captured it all. It was a joy getting to meet in person - finally - and celebrate your amazing day. You two have something incredibly special, and I feel honored that Shawn and I were able to witness just a little bit of your magic <3.  Some fun stuff from the day! Dani used her grandmother's ring in the ceremonial ring exchange. Their reception space was filled with roses that Dani's dad remarked were his mother in law's favorite flower <3. The ceremony space was at the end of a very long pier, and because of that, the whole area slightly swayed from side to side. Their vows brought tears to my eyes. One of their signature...