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from Shawn

Photography is more to us than just capturing gorgeous photos. A big part of Britney Clause Photography is the people we interact with. We love meeting with clients, talking about engagement sessions over email, and bonding over common interests. Getting feedback is an important part of growing as a company and individuals. Our big goal was making an update that would provide these opportunities to hear and converse more with everyone. We are always looking for ways of expanding our reach and ability to communicate. We've made a few huge changes, so check them out below. Talk to us on the Blog First, and perhaps the biggest update, is that the blog now has commenting! We used to have this feature years ago, but had to lose it with the new and cleaner site design. We've missed this feature, since we love having more opportunities for feedback on our posts. At the bottom of each blog post is a new comment section, similar to what you'll find elsewhere on the Internet. Being able to communicate directly to blog posts means being able to share your opinion and voice more readily. Whether it's a sneak peek of your wedding or a personal post from one of us, you can now join in a conversation directly with others. There are still some features that we'll be adding over time to boost our relationship and connection. Commenting is just the first update to a long list of what we want to accomplish...